DIY + AV HERO = A Thing of Beauty. Here’s Why…

An increasing number of homeowners have taken on more do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to enhance where they live — and, for some, where they work. From #WFH offices to backyard theaters, homeowners have grown ambitious. For some, maybe too ambitious.

Every so often, a zealous DIY-er takes on a project that proves too challenging and they need back up. 

They need an AV Hero. 

Across the U.S., the largest network of background-checked, certified AV Heroes are helping homeowners, apartment-dwellers, and all other DIY-ers tackle projects big and small. And now, as work continues to shift and some re-enter the workplace, time becomes even more limited to what one can accomplish in a day. 

Read how an AV Hero can team up with a DIY-er, like yourself, to finish up projects or lend a hand in a pinch. 

Audio Challenges Are No Match for an AV Hero

Good, clear audio is a thing of beauty. Poor, shrill audio is a beast. AV Heroes can help rein in audio challenges. 

“I had a problem with my surround sound,” said Sarah, an AV Hero customer in Carlsbad, CA. “I couldn’t figure out how to use it and don’t have the time to try and figure it out.” 

Surround sound systems deliver the theater-like experience that far exceeds what most home setups can do. They’re immersive, going above and beyond the typical arrangements — but it’s even better because you don’t have to leave the house or pay exorbitant prices for snacks. 

To unlock this level of at-home entertainment, you must know how to set up a surround sound system, which can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have the right skill set or can’t dedicate enough time to YouTube-ing it.

AV Heroes can help with a number of audio challenges to help DIY-ers (or surround sound buyers) save time and headaches, including:

  • Wireless speaker systems 
  • Home theater systems
  • Device audio settings
  • Podcast studios

…And more. While it’s respectable to take on such a task alone, there is no shame in calling in reinforcements. 

“They were on time, super nice and took extra time to teach me how to use my system,” said Sarah. “It was really quick and easy.” 

Stop Video Problems at the Source 

For tech enthusiasts, unboxing a new TV, releasing it from its Styrofoam cage, and unleashing the 4K power for an epic movie night is an adventure all its own. The TV is the centerpiece, the crown jewel that shines (bright blue light) in a DIY-er’s home theater.

But what happens when trouble strikes? 

Not in the form of a broken screen? No, thankfully. But almost just as bad — a blank one… nothing shows on the new TV (that cost a pretty penny).

Panic and frustration set in. 

What do you do? 

… You know where this is going. Hit the big red button, and call in backup. 

AV Heroes have helped customers set up and install video equipment, including:

  • Home office displays
  • Cameras for video conferencing
  • Projection systems
  • Control panels and devices

Whether it’s to set up a new TV or to streamline controls in a smart home, AV Heroes bring a level of specialization that simplifies the technical parts of a DIY project.

“My wife and I recently bought a big screen TV. We got it set up, but nothing was working,” said Ken, an AV Hero customer in Draper, UT. “We submitted a request through to AV HERO and within 30 minutes got a call-back. The next afternoon our HERO came out and within 45 minutes everything was working. It was a great experience overall.”

Investigate and Put an End to Unsolved AV Issues

As is too often the case, tech installations can go awry. Cables get jumbled, knocked loose, or sometimes damaged, leaving issues undetected. Other times, the crux of an AV problem is more severe, requiring replacement parts or devices. 

Learning to troubleshoot is an invaluable skill to have. (We wrote about how to get started troubleshooting here.) But, taking on AV issues alone can be daunting. With an AV Hero by your side, you can take on audio and video projects to complete a backyard theater, a home office, or a simple TV installation — and everything in between.

Calling an AV Hero helps save time, and in some cases, money too. Largely, calling in a technician or engineer to help troubleshoot and fix challenges is an ordeal. Prices and rates aren’t always clear, and the process is often disjointed. 

It’s not ideal for homeowners who have about a million other things going on. AV Hero simplifies the process for homeowners and sets clear expectations with a flat, hourly rate. To learn more about how an AV Hero can help with DIY home projects, see our Residential services here. 

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