Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an AV HERO app?

The AV HERO platform currently exists as a web application only. Plans to develop native iOS and Android applications are in the works!

How quickly can AV HERO respond to my request?

AV HERO’s response time is based on the number and availability of HEROES in your area. Most jobs are picked up in less than 20 minutes. For ASAP jobs, our goal is to have a HERO at your location in less than two hours!

What is the difference between an ASAP and a FUTURE job request?

ASAP requests are used when you have a job that needs an immediate response. FUTURE requests are used when you would like to schedule a specific time for a HERO to arrive.

Does AV HERO provide services other than audiovisual support?

AV HERO currently provides support for audio, video and control systems. We do allow for “other” requests; however our ability to assist you will depend upon the nature of the request.

Can I purchase equipment from AV HERO?

AV HERO does not currently sell equipment.


Are AV HEROES background checked?

Yes. Every AV HERO has passed a background check that includes an SSN validation/trace, sex offender search, Global Watchlist and a National Criminal Database search.

Where do AV HEROES come from?

AV HEROES come from all walks of life. Anyone can become an AV HERO after they have passed the AV HERO Assessment and a background check.

Are AV HEROES insured?

Yes. AV HERO provides general liability insurance on every job.

How much does AV HERO service cost?

AV HERO charges at a rate of $100 per hour with a one-hour minimum. After the first hour of service you will be charged in 15-minute increments.

Does AV HERO charge different rates for different services?

No. All AV HERO services are charged at a rate of $100 per hour.

What if AV HERO can’t fix my problem?

If AV HERO can’t fix your problem, it’s most likely because you have equipment that needs to be repaired and/or replaced. If this is the case, we will refer you to a local partner that can take care of you; with your permission of course.

When will I pay for the service?

You credit card will be charged once you approve the service, 72 hours after the HERO marks the job as complete or once AV HERO resolves a contested job; whichever happens first.

What if my AV HERO needs to purchase a part?

Your AV HERO should always seek approval before purchasing or providing any miscellaneous parts that are needed to complete the job. If your AV HERO arrives onsite and determines that a part is needed to complete the job they will:

#1 – Notify you that a part is needed to complete the job

#2 – Provide an estimate of the cost for the part

#3 – Seek your approval to purchase the part

All parts provided through the AV HERO platform are provided at cost, without markup.

If your AV HERO needs to leave the job site to purchase a part that has been approved, you will be charged for the time it takes to travel and get the part.

How many jobs can I request?

You can request as many ASAP and FUTURE jobs as you need.

What if I need to reschedule my service?

If a HERO has not accepted your job, then you can cancel and reschedule at any time. If you need to reschedule your job after a HERO has accepted, you will want to reach out to your HERO directly and coordiante. If your HERO is unable to accommodate your reschedule request then you will want to cancel and resubmit your job. Depending upon the nature and timing of the request, you may still be charged the one hour minimum fee of $100.00 for cancelling a job after a HERO has accepted.

What if I need to cancel my job?

If a HERO has not accepted your job, then you can cancel at any time. If you need to cancel your job after a HERO has accepted, you may still be charged the one hour minimum fee of $100.00, depending upon the nature of the request.

When will AV HERO be available in my location?

AV HERO is expanding rapidly. If we’re not yet in your location, you can expect us to be there soon. Please email support@avhero.com with your specific location request!

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