The Origins of AV HERO

Like all good stories, the story of AV HERO started in, well, you guessed it, a bar.

I was having a beer (sounds good right now doesn’t it?), looking at the TVs and this thought came to me, “what would this bar owner do if all of a sudden these TVs stopped working?”

The honest answer to myself (yes, I’m talking to myself at this point) was, “I don’t think they’d know what to do.” If they’re lucky, they would have the contact information readily available for the company that installed the system (unless cousin Jimmy did it). The system would still be under warranty and the company would be able to send someone out to troubleshoot the issue within 24 hours.

For the rest of the world, they would probably go to Google and search “TV repair”, “audio visual service” or something similar. The Google results would lead them to a list of companies they could call with the hope of getting help. When they call the first company, they get an answering service that doesn’t ever seem to allow them to talk to an actual human. When they call the second company, the phone is answered by someone who then explains that they’re in the middle of a job and asks if they can call back. Third time’s the charm, right? Frustrated, they pick up the phone, call the next company and are blissfully greeted by a friendly human being, the receptionist! Here’s a transcript of that call:

Receptionist: Company X, how can I help you?

Narrator: The Bar Owner explains that their TVs are not working and that they really need someone to come help fast!

Receptionist: Let me transfer you to our service department.

Narrator: In a perfect world let’s pretend that the service department answers within a few moments as opposed to making the desperate bar owner leave a message and wait for a call-back.

Service Manager: Hello, how can I help?

Bar Owner: My TVs aren’t working, and I really need someone to come out and take a look because this is affecting customers.

Service Manager: Understood, let me see when we can get someone out. How does Friday afternoon work for you?

*Narrator: What the reader doesn’t know is that this is taking place on a Wednesday. Ok, back to the story…

Bar Owner: Friday? Is there any way we can have someone out today? This is really impacting my business.

Service Manager: I really wish I could, but all of our technicians are booked until then

Bar Owner: Ok, well I guess that will have to work.

Service Manager: Great, so our rate is $150 an hour with a two-hour minimum and a $50 trip charge. Because you don’t have an account with us, we require upfront payment. Do you have a credit card you would like to use?

Bar Owner: Wait, so before anyone even arrives, I’m into this for $350.00 minimum?

Service Manager: Yes, that is correct.

Bar Owner: So tomorrow at 3pm?

Service Manager: We can have someone there between 1-4pm tomorrow.

Bar Owner: Can I get a solidified time so that I’m not waiting around all afternoon?

Service Manager: Unfortunately, I can’t give an exact time because it depends on how the jobs go earlier in the day.

Bar Owner: “Ok, see you guys tomorrow.”

Funny and painful right?

Unfortunately, this is the reality of the typical audio-visual customer experience. AV service is often slow, complicated and expensive!

So, we decided to fix that problem and hence, AV HERO was born. Our mission is to provide FAST, SIMPLE & COST-EFFECTIVE audio visual services to anyone and everyone. If you’re a human and you need help of any kind with your audio visual systems, call a HERO.

Our custom web-application found at provides a streamlined solution to getting the help you need. AV HERO exists to SAVE THE DAY.

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